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Read here a brief summary about pedagogue career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Pedagogue is an educationalist who provides guidance to children in a problem situation. This could be a developmental delay, behavioral or learning difficulties / disorder or a problematic parenting situation (such as neglect, abuse or abuse). In addition, a padagogue gives advice and guidance to parents on educational matters (for example, setting rules). A pedagogue treats children between 0 and 21 years old. Many different agencies (schools, home care, family members, possibly the church) can be involved in these treatment plans.

A pedagogue can come into contact with children that are difficult to educate, handicapped children, children with (serious) trauma and children with disorders such as autism, ODD or ADHD. Just like a remedial educationalist, a pedagogue puts together treatment plans for these children with the aim that the children can participate optimally in daily life. The difference is that a pedagogue is more practice-oriented and participates more in its implementation. For example, a pedagogue works more than a remedial educationalist on the supervision of children and parents. On the other hand, a remedial educationalist has more powers in the field of psychological research into children. The educationalist does not do everything himself and leaves a lot to therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

An important part of the job is to work with parents as much as with children. A pedagogue comes into contact with parents who want to know more about how they can best raise their child with (for example) autism and parents who have difficulty raising their children without support. It's important as a pedagogue that you have a solid footing as not all parents realize that they need help. An educator can advise on possible therapeutic treatments and educational issues. It's important that a pedagogue listens carefully to children and parents and tries to stimulate them as much as possible.

A Pedagogue can work in his own practice or group practice or can work in institutions such as special education, youth care, care for the disabled, medical day-care centers or internal residential institutions. A pedagogue can target a specific sector in the aid process, such as the educational environment (school educator), the domestic environment (family educator), or as a neighborhood educator.

It's important to keep good records, for example about treatment plans and advice given. In addition, a pedagogue must handle personal information about patients very carefully.

What are the Prospects for Pedagogue Career?

The prospects of a job for a pedagogue are favorable, they can go to many different places.

You can fulfill a managerial position in the care team, for example a management position. You can also start your own practice.

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