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Read here a brief summary about palfreniers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Palfrenier is someone who helps the Coachman. The Coachman controls the horse (s) standing in front of the cart from the box. The Coachman is on the right, the Palfrenier is on the left of the box. The Palfrenier can always take over the driving from the Coachman if he wants to rest.

Furthermore, the Palfrenier helps the Coachman to halt, for example, by holding the horses on the ground, so that they remain still and remain calm. The Palfrenier also helps any guests to get in and out of the carriage. Other duties of a Palfrenier include checking the horses' harness and rigging and harnessing the horses. When the Palfrenier works in the driving sport, he often sits on the back of the marathon car, to keep the cart in balance during sharp turns. He then provides counterweight by hanging on one side of the cart. It's also possible that the Palfrenier takes on tasks such as mucking out the stables and taking care of the horses.

A Palfrenier can work in the harness horse sport, draft horse sport, harness sport and driving sport. In harness horse sport, the harness horses must move as correctly and gracefully as possible. In the draft horse sport, the Koetsier and the Palfrenier participate in towing and pulling competitions. Harness is about speed and driving is about dressage, skill and marathon. A Palfrenier can also engage in driving lessons in addition to his other duties.

What are the Prospects for Palfreniers Career?

Equestrian isn't doing very well, so it will not be easy for a Palfrenier to get a job. With a lot of knowledge, experience and a broad network, he can find a job. He will have to be flexible in terms of place of residence and working hours.

A Palfrenier is the Second Coachman. With enough experience, he can progress to Eerste Koetsier. He can also set up his own company or become a manager.

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