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Read here a brief summary about office-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An Office Manager is someone who manages employees of the secretariat. It can be a management secretariat, but also a department secretariat. He ensures a good division of labor between the secretaries, a good quality of the secretarial work and a good relationship and understanding between the secretariat and the other departments. Often the Office Manager also works in the secretarial department.

The Office Manager has a number of duties that correspond to the duties of an Executive Secretary. This includes arranging appointments, preparing meetings, taking care of business correspondence and contacting other departments. In addition, an Office Manager is involved in the management of personnel and facility matters and the above-mentioned management of the secretariat.

Managing personnel matters means that the Office Manager keeps part of the personnel administration and is the point of contact for his department and the P&O advisers. Managing facility management means that the Office Manager purchases office supplies and manages budgets and is involved in the office design.

In summary, the Office Manager ensures that all the resources needed to work are in place, goals are set, team members are motivated and the work is distributed. He's also the link between the different departments and conducts performance interviews.

What are the Prospects for Office Managers Career?

The importance of good office management is becoming increasingly important now that many organizations are becoming more mobile, more and more employees work from home and are often on the road. So there're more and more jobs for Office Managers.

An Office Manager is already very high up in the organization, so it's difficult to grow as an Office Manager. However, he can be assigned more and more tasks and transfer to larger (international) organizations.

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