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Read here a brief summary about office-editors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An office editor mainly works at a desk. He does editorial work, but does not go out. The desk editor has many coordinating tasks: he receives and edits texts, selects what will be published and sets out new writing assignments. He maintains contact with editors, but also writes texts himself. It's also possible that he has to translate supplied texts. That is why, for example, knowledge of English is recommended. The desk editor should have affinity with or specialize in a specific subject.

Common tasks of the office editor include writing and editing documents, researching certain topics that the office editor specializes in, and various communicative and organizational tasks that are also involved in final editing. The desk editor works on a substantively and textually correct publication of a magazine, for example, takes care of the production planning and maintains contacts with various parties.

The office editor isn't only responsible for the editing of texts, but can also be responsible for the selection of the correct images, the layout and the correct way of presenting the product. Some creativity or graphic insight is therefore often desirable.

Due to the coordinating function of the office editor and the task of keeper of contacts, he acts as the first point of contact for editors, readers, freelancers and other stakeholders. Moreover, he often also performs administrative tasks; from preparing meetings to monitoring the agenda and payroll of employees.

What are the Prospects for Office Editors Career?

As an office editor you can, depending on your preference, specialize further in certain professional knowledge. There're also career opportunities to become chief or final editor.

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