Career Overview For Occupational Therapist


Read here a brief summary about occupational-therapists career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An Occupational Therapist helps people who, due to physical or psychological limitations (for example caused by an accident or illness), can no longer carry out daily activities in the old way. An Occupational Therapist doesn't focus on the illness or limitation of people, but on its consequences. Work is being done on the self-reliance, productivity and mobility of the patient and it's the task of the Occupational Therapist to come up with practical solutions to promote these matters. For example, an Occupational Therapist devises adaptations for utensils or teaches a patient to use existing aids (ARBO).

An Occupational Therapist also looks at the patient's environment to determine whether adjustments are needed in the living or working environment (such as lowering thresholds for wheelchair users). To do this, an Occupational Therapist must regularly work outside the practice and make home visits. An Occupational Therapist can work with patients in psychiatry (depression, psychiatric disorders), geriatrics (chronic diseases such as rheumatism, dementia in the elderly), patients with developmental problems or patients who need physical rehabilitation.

The occupational therapist and patient jointly set the goals for the treatment plan. The Occupational Therapist must on the one hand motivate and stimulate the patient, but at the same time monitor the limits of what is possible, in order to obtain a realistic and workable plan, in which the patient's capabilities are central.

In addition to guiding patients and providing skills training, he also gives advice on the use and selection of aids.

An Occupational Therapist can end up in hospitals, nursing homes, special education and rehabilitation centers, but can also start his own practice. It's always important that medical records and treatment progress are properly maintained.

What are the Prospects for Occupational Therapists Career?

It's expected that most of Occupational Therapists with a diploma will find a job.

You could also work at the municipality or climb up within an organization. You can specialize in the elderly, children or people with disabilities. You could focus on developing resources or you could become a consultant.

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