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Read here a brief summary about nutrition-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Nutrition Assistant works in a nursing home or on a (nursing) ward of a hospital. He or she delivers the food and drink and, if necessary, helps patients and clients to consume the food and drink.

A Nutrition Assistant works under the direction of a dietitian, a nutritional coordinator, or the head of the department. A Nutrition Assistant isn't responsible for putting together the diet, that is, the dietician. However, the menu is often determined in collaboration between the Nutrition Assistant and the dietitian. The final responsibility for all nutritional matters of the patients lies with the dietitian or the head of department.

The main task of a Nutritionist is to ensure that patients receive and consume food and drink. For example, a Nutrition Assistant is responsible for delivering the food, or ensuring that the food is easy for patients to reach. Speciallyin hospitals and for patients on a diet, it's important that the Nutritional Assistant keeps an eye on whether food reaches the right person.

The Nutrition Assistant acts as a kind of hostess / host. Patients and the elderly often want to have a chat and report any complaints to the Nutrition Assistant. This person reports complaints to carers or the department head.

- The tasks of a Nutrition Assistant are:
- Help compile the daily menu of patients
- Preparing and portioning the food and drink.
- Providing food for the patients
- Help patients with food and drink when necessary
- Keeping track of and replenishing stocks
- Maintain the patients' nutritional and fluid lists
- Monitor patients' eating behavior and listen to their wishes
- Ensuring that patients' special dietary requirements are followed.
- Reporting and consultation with the dietitian, nurses, or department head about eating behavior
- Adjust or adapt the menu of patients in consultation with the dietitian
- Talk to patients and, if necessary, encourage them to eat and drink properly

A Nutrition Assistant must ensure that residents of nursing homes or patients in the hospital eat healthy and sufficient food. He or she talks to and listens to the patients and is the daily link between the dietitian and the patients.

The Nutrition Assistant isn't authorized to adjust diets without the permission of a dietician or other authority. However, the Nutrition Assistant will try to combine the patient's wishes with a diet as well as possible.

A Nutrition Assistant conducts important consultations with carers and dietitians about the patients, about what they can eat and whether they can eat themselves, for example.

Most Nutrition Assistants work part-time and regularly work evening and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for Nutrition Assistants Career?

The outlook for Nutrition Assistants on the labor market is reasonable. Food assistant vacancies are generally always open.

You can also become a team leader, coordinating nutrition assistant or coordinating nutrition assistant within an institution. With proper nutrition and dietary training, you can also become a dietitian.

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