Career Overview For Nurse


Read here a brief summary about nurses career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Nurse supports someone in undergoing medical treatment and ensures that the patient is properly cared for and supervised during this treatment. Which nursing activities are required to guide someone during medical treatment is recorded in a treatment plan. This treatment plan must comply with guidelines for which a protocol has been drawn up. It's discussed with the patient and any parents / carers or relatives and evaluated at the end of the treatment.

The duties of a Nurse are diverse and depend on the workplace. Washing and dressing patients, applying IVs or treating wounds are just a few examples. A Nurse may also administer medication. In addition to her own activities, a Nurse also has support tasks during examinations of doctors and the Nurse provides aftercare to the patient.

A file is made of the patients who need treatment.

The Nurse's work has several aspects, such as providing care, ensuring that all daily activities are carried out and monitoring the quality of nursing. The patients (and their parents / carers) can go to a Nurse when they're confronted with difficulties and pain.

A nurse can work in different sectors after his or her training.

What are the Prospects for Nurses Career?

There're many career opportunities for a Nurse, such as becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

The higher the training, the more responsibilities a Nurse will have. Nurses are in high demand.

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