Career Overview For Network Administrator


Read here a brief summary about network-administrators career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Network Administrator ensures that a company's network is secure and remains operational. All devices that are connected through a network, such as computers, printers, modems, telephones, etc., can only be used by a functional network. The Network Administrator must install this network in such a way that users can work with it and maintain it in such a way that it's protected against hackers and viruses and that there are no disruptions in the network.

If there is a malfunction, or something else goes wrong, it's the Network Administrator's task to locate the problem and fix it. If necessary, he engages external expertise to solve the problem. It's also important for the security and functionality of the network to draw up security procedures and to keep an eye on new developments in network management.

The continued user-friendliness of the network and the continuous updates mean that the Network Administrator must advise managers and employees on the functioning of the network.

The Network Administrator works in a team, with the exact tasks and size of the team depending on the company.

What are the Prospects for Network Administrators Career?

The Network Manager can work at many companies, which makes the labor market favorable. For real career opportunities, to a team leader or something like that, you usually need a related diploma.

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