Career Overview For Medical Secretary


Read here a brief summary about medical-secretaries career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Medical Secretary works in healthcare, for example at a doctor's office or a hospital. The Medical Secretary receives and refers the patients, puts them at ease and ensures that the doctorwhether the specialist has information about the patient available. She makes appointments and plans consultation hours. Patient data is entered and / or checked.

In addition, the Medical Secretary takes care of all medical correspondence, such as letters from the specialist, surgery reports and reports. These are checked for content, spelling and completeness. The Medical Secretary establishes and maintains internal and external contacts. She's the contact person and source of information for both clients and specialists. Another job of a Medical Secretary is to plan, prepare, and handle business meetings. A Medical Secretary also checks results of medical examinations, such as blood or X-ray tests, to determine whether action should be taken towards the specialist and patient.

A Medical Secretary must always determine whether or not to call in the expertise of the medical specialist. She also has extensive knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology herself.

What are the Prospects for Medical Secretaries Career?

There's a considerable demand in the medical sector for professionally trained secretaries.

The labor market prospects of a Medical Secretary are therefore good and because of the specialization, the medical secretary is often also turned into a recruiter for secretaries. On the basis of experience, competences and training, a position with more content and responsibilities can be acquired, such as an executive secretary or management assistant.

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