Career Overview For Media Planner


Read here a brief summary about media-planners career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Media Planner determines the strategy for an advertising campaign. He makes an inventory of the wishes of the client, for example which message must be conveyed and to which target group. The Media Planner advises which medium is most suitable for the advertising message to reach the intended target group. He also advises on the launch date of the campaign and the frequency of the posts.

In addition to developing the strategy, the Media Planner also takes care of the planning, which states which actions will be carried out when and by whom. If the client agrees to the media plan, the Media Planner can purchase or order airtime or advertising space. He also monitors the budget and returns of the media plan. In summary, the task of the Media Planner is to develop and implement a complete media plan that provides the greatest profitability.

Finally, the Media Planner checks the appearance and progress of the campaign. Sometimes the tasks of a Media Planner are specified and he's only concerned with print media or only with audiovisual media.

What are the Prospects for Media Planners Career?

The labor market prospects of a Media Planner aren't very good. There's little demand for Media Planners and highly developed software takes over many tasks from the Media Planner.

Advancement opportunities mainly lie in growing to a larger or more prestigious advertising agency, to a managerial position for Media Planners or to a position as Traffic Manager.

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