Career Overview For Mechanic


Read here a brief summary about mechanics career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A car mechanic ensures that cars continue to drive properly. He does this by carrying out maintenance work or repairs. The Auto Mechanic usually works for someone else, a car dealer for example, and is exclusively focused on repairing and checking cars.

The Auto Mechanic usually works with other Auto Mechanics, so that he can always ask for help or simply have contact with others.

The Auto Mechanic is interested in technology and cars, is handy and has a practical attitude. He can work with various materials and tools; a car consists of many different parts. At school and in practice, people learn more and more about cars and can thus carry out more and more repairs. With every new (broken) car, the Auto Mechanic learns new things about cars, which makes a passion for the work necessary. A nice part of the job is that the Auto Mechanic is also allowed to drive around in the cars he repairs, to see if everything is really working.

In short, without a great passion for cars or technology and technical skills, one should not become a car mechanic.

What are the Prospects for Mechanics Career?

There's plenty of work to be found as a Car Mechanic, but one cannot generally progress beyond the position of First Car Mechanic

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