Career Overview For Maternity Nurse


Read here a brief summary about maternity-nurses career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A maternity nurse helps people with their delivery under the guidance of a midwife or doctor. The difference with a maternity nurse is that a maternity nurse works in a maternity clinic or hospital and a maternity nurse helps with home births.

The duties of a Maternity nurse consist of checking the mother's heart rateand the baby, administering medications on the advice of the doctor, cutting the umbilical cord and signaling complications in time.

The Maternity nurse supports the parents before and during the delivery and encourages the mother if necessary. If complications arise during the delivery, it's the maternity nurse's job to call in a specialist who can take over the delivery (for example by performing a Caesarean section). Once the child is born, it's the maternity nurse's job to measure, weigh and wash the child and to see if everything is working (checking the life functions). The mother must also be washed and, if necessary, advice must be given about (breast) feeding.

The maternity nurse keeps a report of the delivery with all the information about the baby (weight, height).

A maternity nurse mainly has irregular working hours and changing shifts. He / she must also be available at night, on weekends and holidays.

What are the Prospects for Maternity Nurses Career?

At the moment there's a small shortage of maternity nurses, which means that there're enough jobs to be found.

You can follow further training to realize career opportunities, for example as an ambulance nurse, intensive care nurse or a pediatric nurse.

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