Career Overview For Management Assistant


Read here a brief summary about management-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Management Assistant assists the management of a company. His / her tasks differ per sector and company. The Management Assistant organizes activities, manages information and correspondence and deals with the agenda and priorities of his superior.

A Management Assistant knows a lot about the core activities of the organization and is careful with confidential information.

A Management Assistant is the right hand of a director, a team of managers or an entire department. It's important that a Management Assistant is flexible, understands his environment and is involved. It's also useful if he has mastered his languages.

The Management Assistant works alone or together with other Management Assistants on various projects. Sometimes he leads.

What are the Prospects for Management Assistants Career?

In itself, the labor market perspective is excellent. There're quite a few vacancies, but on the other hand there're also many applicants. In order to intervene, it's therefore advisable to take extra courses (for example a language) and do various internships.

A Management Assistant can eventually grow into a position as manager or even director.

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