Career Overview For Maintenance Worker


Read here a brief summary about maintenance-workers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Maintenance Worker is responsible for the maintenance of equipment or installations. The exact maintenance work depends on the sector in which the Maintenance Worker works. For example, the Maintenance Worker in the industry sector takes care of the maintenance of machines in factories and prevents rusting or defects, while another Maintenance Worker can mainly deal with landscaping or small maintenance on bungalows in a bungalow park.

The function is therefore filled in differently, but is always mainly of an executive nature, with the most important task being to ensure that the facilities are well put together and function optimally. The work of the Maintenance Worker can have a (large) overlap with other (facility) functions. Maintenance of machines involves mechanic tasks and he must therefore also have technical knowledge. Other Maintenance Workers will again have more in common with the concierge and thus have more contact with people.

Occasionally, the Maintenance Worker is asked to advise on possible maintenance work.

What are the Prospects for Maintenance Workers Career?

There's plenty of work to be found as a Maintenance Worker, both general and specialist, but there aren't many opportunities for further growth. In a factory, by giving good advice, it may be possible to move on to a more managerial position, but this chance isn't great.

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