Career Overview For Mailroom Employee


Read here a brief summary about mailroom-employees career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A mailroom employee is responsible for sending and receiving mail within an organization. Large organizations with many different departments and many employees often have a separate mailroom. In this mailroom, all mail arrives centrally and is then sent to the correct department or person. Often these are organizations where hundreds or thousands of employees work.

It's the job of the mailroom employee to process both incoming and outgoing mail. These activities may include: sorting, franking, addressing and registering all outgoing and incoming mail items. Furthermore, a post office employee can also be responsible for delivering the mail within the organization. The mailroom employee then acts as a postman within an organization.

The work of a mailroom employee can be physically demanding, as there's a lot of walking and quieting. A mailroom employee must therefore be in good physical condition. Mailroom employees are found in all (large) organizations. For example, at the head offices of banks, insurance companies, but also in other large organizations such as hospitals and town halls there're post room employees.

What are the Prospects for Mailroom Employees Career?

Becoming a mailroom employee isn't difficult. Often no experience or training is required and there're sufficient vacancies in which people are looking for a mailroom employee. There're usually no direct career opportunities for a mailroom employee. However, a position as a mailroom employee is a way to gain access to an organization.

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