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Read here a brief summary about mail-deliverers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


Mail delivery is a job that everyone has to deal with every week. Not only because everyone receives a mail item from time to time, but also because there are a lot of Postmen working in the Netherlands and they can be seen on the street every day. That is why a Mail deliverer is seen as a trusted, and therefore important, profession.

A Mail deliverer delivers mail to a certain neighborhood by bicycle between one and six days a week. The mail is picked up at a depot in the morning or, if there is no depot in the area, delivered to your home. This post has already been sorted, so you can get started right away. The route that a mail deliverer takes has been determined and in principle may not be deviated from. This is the difference with the Postman functionforward. He determines his own delivery route. In addition, a Postman also sorts the postal items himself, this consists of ordinary letters and, for example, also packages that can go through the letterbox, or bubble envelopes. Larger packages are delivered by the parcel deliverer.

The working hours are between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, depending on the number of mail items to be delivered. On average, a Mail deliverer spends 10 hours a week on the job. As a result, mail delivery is seen as a so-called “part-time job” and is considered ideal as a side job for pupils or students, for example. However, these are not just the group interested in this position. For people who like to work independently in the open air and don't want or cannot work full-time, mail delivery is also seen as a perfect job. Because mail delivery is a job that takes place exclusively in the open air, it's physically demanding work and a high degree of independence and accuracy is expected, it's not a job that is suitable for everyone.

What are the Prospects for Mail Deliverers Career?

Despite the fact that the number of mail items that has to be delivered in a day has decreased drastically since the emergence of the internet, the position of Mail deliverer will not disappear for the time being. This is because there are always people, but speciallyauthorities, who want to make their announcements by post. Mail delivery is often done temporarily, for example as a side job for a student, which means that the circulation within this position is high. A job as a mail deliverer will therefore be quite easy to find, there are always many vacancies as a mail deliverer.

In principle, there are no career opportunities within mail delivery. There are other positions within the company, such as manager, but these positions have nothing to do with the actual work of a Mail Delivery person and must therefore be applied for separately.

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