Career Overview For Livestock Farmer


Read here a brief summary about livestock-farmers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a livestock farmer you must have a lot of knowledge about the animal you keep. Whether it's sheep, cows, chickens or pigs. Most of the tasks and activities are animal dependent. Not only the construction of the company, the land and the stables are related to this, but also the maintenance of the livestock; reproduction, nutrition, care, health problems and sales.

But besides needing a lot of expertise, you need to know how to run a business. Land and nature management, machine use, maintenance and modern business operations with administration and financial calculations are also indispensable.

A farmer spends a lot of time on his own farm, but also contacts outside. Think of colleagues you meet at livestock shows where you go with your own cattle or in some cases shows.

What are the Prospects for Livestock Farmers Career?

If you can't start immediately as a livestock farmer, you'll first start in a lower position and move on later. This is specially true within larger livestock farms. If you start for yourself, you're already at the top of the ladder and there isn't much growth possible anymore.

Positions lower on the ladder can be found sufficiently on the job boards, but actual vacancies for Livestock farmer are more difficult to find. Research in 2007 showed that (poultry) Livestock farmers have an average age of 46 years. So despite the fact that it's a physically demanding profession, the progression due to age isn't too bad.

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