Career Overview For Lifeguard


Read here a brief summary about lifeguards career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A lifeguard is someone who supervises the pool. He works in swimming pools or on beaches (although a rescue team is often employed there). The lifeguard watches the water and the swimmers, checks that everything is going well, answers questions from people who visit the pool and supervises all pools (and any slides). If someone is in danger or about to drown, the lifeguard jumps into the water to help, rescue and / or resuscitate that person. In addition, he's the point of contact in the pool and also acts when unusual things happen or disturbances in the pool.

The appeal of Lifeguard is a very responsible job because the lifeguard can be literally responsible for saving a human life. It's therefore necessary that the lifeguard is stress resistant, in good condition, can swim well above average and has a first aid and resuscitation diploma.

The lifeguard is the most important person in a pool and the sole authority. Guests must listen to the lifeguard at all times. In addition, the lifeguard has the authority to remove people from the pool if necessary.

The lifeguard can generally be recognized by special clothing and the whistle he blows when he wants to point out something to people.

What are the Prospects for Lifeguards Career?

Because lifeguard is one of the most important professions in the swimming pool, the lifeguard has almost reached the maximum with his profession.

In addition to the profession of lifeguard, he can, however, be given or take on other responsibilities and tasks by also working as a lifeguard, swimming teacher or swimming instructor.

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