Career Overview For Laundry Employee


Read here a brief summary about laundry-employees career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The laundrey employee is responsible for various tasks in the laundromat.

The laundrey employee works in a laundrey or laundry or works in an institution (including, for example, a care institution, a hospital or a retirement home) where clothing and bed linen must be washed. The laundrey employee is responsible for almost all tasks within the laundromat or laundry where he works. His tasks consist of hanging up laundry, packing and scanning laundry, folding laundry and placing the laundry on ironing rolls. In addition, the laundry must also be sorted; this activity can also be a task of the laundrey employee, but is generally done by the laundry waste sorters (this differs per laundrey / laundry and institution)

The laundry worker is a hard worker. He doesn't mind rolling up his sleeves and working hard. He should also not mind coming into contact with dirty laundry, but just be able to deal with it. The laundrey employee generally works in a team of colleagues with whom he must work well together and distribute the various tasks. The different tasks are varied and the laundry employee must be able to deal with this flexibly.

Because no training is required for the profession of laundry employee, it's the ideal job for students and people who want to earn something extra.

What are the Prospects for Laundry Employees Career?

The labor market prospects for the laundrey employee are average. There's plenty of employment, but there's no real growth opportunity.

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