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Read here a brief summary about kitchen-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Kitchen Assistant carries out support activities in a kitchen. De Kitchen Assistant assists the cooks and other kitchen staff of restaurants, hotels, catering companies or canteens and thus contributes to safeguarding the culinary quality level. For example, a Kitchen Helper helps with the preparation of dishes by making preparations such as washing vegetables, cutting bread or preparing the necessary ingredients.

A Kitchen Assistant sometimes also prepares some simple dishes such as sandwiches or sauces and dressings. In catering companies or canteens, he's also involved in, for example, pressing fruit and making coffee.

The Kitchen Assistant monitors the stocks in the kitchen and replenishes them if necessary, so that the necessary products are within reach for the chefs at all times. When a stock is about to run out and products have to be ordered, the Kitchen Assistant will inform the manager about this. When ordered food is delivered, it's the job of the Kitchen Assistant to unpack it and store it in the right place. Finally, an important task of the Kitchen Assistant is to keep the work environment clean. For example, he washes the cooking utensils, cleans the kitchen appliances, mops the floors and removes the waste.

What are the Prospects for Kitchen Assistants Career?

As a Kitchen Assistant there's a lot of room to grow within the kitchen of a company. In this way, a Kitchen Assistant can grow into a fully-fledged cook. Often a training or course must be followed for this. After gaining a lot of experience as a cook, a kitchen assistant can eventually grow up to become a chef. However, this requires the necessary further training and work experience.

The labor market in the hospitality industry is generally good. The vacancy rate in the hospitality industry is higher than in other industries. However, employment in the hotel and catering industry is gradually decreasing compared to employment in this sector in previous years. Supporting functions such as those of Kitchen Assistant are often functions that disappear first.

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