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Read here a brief summary about job-coaches career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Job Coach can fulfill his function in several sectors, such as care for the disabled, mental health care or youth care. A Jocbcoach aims to let the client independently participate in the labor market. This can be achieved in a practical way by actively working with the client as a Job Coach during an induction period. During this period, a Job Coach sometimes performs the same activities as his client, such as helping on a farm. A Job coach can also provide more remote guidance.

After this period, contact with the client is reduced to a monthly visit to the client to discuss the work situation. If problems arise, it's the job of the Job Coach to solve these problems with the client.

The job of a Job Coach is also important for employers, because a Job Coach selects suitable clients for them. It may also be that a Job Coach is involved in the search for suitable work for the client. The Job coach looks at what a client can (can) do and looks for a suitable workplace. He has a large network of employers.

For a job coach it's important to motivate clients to start in a new workplace, no matter how difficult this may be for the client. The clients of a Job Coach have various psychological, social, mental or physical limitations and for that reason can't enter the labor market in a regular manner. He will often work with young people on WAJong benefits. Young people with a criminal record, early school leavers and new 'same of his citizen' nationals are also among his target group. A Job Coach offers appropriate guidance for every individual. A Job Coach can work at a reintegration agency that helps people who can't (or do not want to) participate fully in society to find work.

What are the Prospects for Job Coaches Career?

As a job coach you can grow in some sectors to a position as a work path counselor. In that position you look at the possibilities and limitations of the client and you look for a suitable position. Another possibility is that you become a work supervisor. This is a position where you work, for example, in sheltered employment places. You manage the entire production process in the sheltered workshop. You generally need additional courses or training for both career opportunities. In both positions mentioned, you spend more time on management tasks and less time on working with clients.

Is there work? Hell yes! The tendency is that people with disabilities (handicapped) and psychiatric patients should participate as much as possible in society. A job plays an important role in this. And a Job coach is indispensable.

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