Career Overview For Intermediary


Read here a brief summary about intermediaries career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An intermediary mediates between jobseekers and companies with vacancies. The primary task is to find the match between vacancy and jobseeker, but this involves many other tasks such as recruiting clients, recruiting jobseekers and all kinds of smaller tasks such as maintaining contacts and checking quality.

The intermediary generally works for an employment agency. Here he or she can perform a specific task, such as recruiting job seekers and conducting intake interviews or acquisition (recruiting new clients), or perform several tasks simultaneously.

An intermediary must be versatile: he or she must perform administrative tasks, have insight into the financial aspect, but also be pleasant to deal with and have good communication skills because he or she has a lot of contact with people.

What are the Prospects for Intermediaries Career?

For many people, an intermediary isn't something they will stay for their entire life. As a result, there are more vacancies for it than for many other professions. With the right training and skills, it's not difficult to find a job as an intermediary.

An intermediary is a good job to gain experience with. Opportunities for growth mainly exist in becoming a manager, in a branch or on a larger scale (in larger employment agencies), for example, a regional manager. However, with the experience you need to become a manager at this level, you can go to many more companies in all kinds of different (management) positions.

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