Career Overview For Interior Carer


Read here a brief summary about interior-carers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


An Interior Carer takes care of the interior, as the name suggests. 'Interieurzorgger' is actually a more modern name for ' Cleaner '.

The Interior Carer can clean in universities, offices, hotels, cinemas, etc., but also in private homes. Activities include sweeping and mopping floors, fabrics, cleaning the toilets and emptying waste bins. The exact tasks depend of course on the workplace. Interior decorators in hotels, for example, also make beds.

Interior care workers usually have little regard, while it's very important that (work) areas are clean and well maintained. Interior care workers take many tasks off the hands of a company. Usually an interior attendant is at work in the evening, so that he doesn't get in the way of the employees.

What are the Prospects for Interior Carers Career?

There're many vacancies for Interior Carers. The labor market perspective is therefore fine. Few full-time jobs are offered. Most jobs involve part-time or on-call positions. A building is often not cleaned every day.

An Interior Carer doesn't have many career opportunities. By means of courses he can specialize, for example in cleaning factory parts. He can also become a manager or start his own company.

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