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Read here a brief summary about inspectors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Inspector has a responsible and varied function. He leads a team of subordinate brigadiers, chief officers, officers and security guards. In order to maintain his credibility and that of his subordinate, he must be of good conduct.

The duties of the Inspector consist of planning, coordinating and monitoring the regular police duties in a particular district. The Inspector also directs teams in solving crimes or providing assistance. The activities depend on the specific position of the Inspector. For example, an Inspector at the Criminal Investigation Department mainly deals with matters that a regular Investigator also deals with, an Assistant Public Prosecutor will focus more on searches and lawsuits and a project leader will be more concerned with a specific assignment as a ' Brigadier '..

Within the latter sector, the Inspector is responsible for directing a group of police officers. Tasks can be, for example, structurally reducing crime or drawing up a traffic campaign. The Inspector project manager can involve specialists in matters for which he isn't suitable / authorized or for which agreements have been made within the police organization. This could include, for example, calling in the Criminal Investigation Department or the Mobile Unit when necessary.

The Inspector can be employed within different parts of the police, depending on the preference of both the organization and the candidate. This includes Arrest Teams, Personal Security, Mobile Unit, Water Police, Traffic Police, Aliens Police, etc.

Depending on the position, it's determined whether the Inspector should carry a weapon during his or her shifts.

What are the Prospects for Inspectors Career?

Within the police organization it's possible for the Inspector to progress to the higher management positions of Chief Inspector, Commissioner and Chief Commissioner.

It's also possible to work as an Inspector within a specialist part of the Police (Arrest Teams, Mobile Unit, Investigation, Aliens Police, etc.).

Outside the organization of the police, it's possible to work in managerial positions in the business community or the government.

In the coming years, the police will have to deal with an outflow of (near) retirees, which will bring more police officers every year. These agents also require leadership, which will also require new Inspectors. It's unknown what consequences the cutbacks will have for the Inspector.

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