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Read here a brief summary about human-resources-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Human Resources Manager (the former personnel officer) is the link between the management and the employees in a company. One of the main tasks of a Human Resources Manager is to translate the management policy into concrete procedures for the personnel who implement the policy. This is done by drawing up manuals and advising department heads.

The personal development of staff members (such as further training) is also one of the responsibilities of the Human Resources Manager. In addition, he often advises on the recruitment and selection of new staff. On the other hand, reorganization or mass redundancy are also part of his job description. An HR Manager must have communication skills to be able to perform these roles in a credible manner.

The Human Resources Manager promotes collaboration in the company and thus efficiency by means of conversations and reports. The specific functions that a personnel officer takes on differ per company, but in general it can be said that as a personnel officer one must be firmly in the shoes and must be able to listen and interpret well, as well as communicate ideas well.

Staff members should be seen as tools to be used optimally, prompted by management policy. Yet it's important to get along with people well on a personal level. Without keeping an eye on the human dimension, a personnel officer can't do his job well, and it's also not an attractive job to do.

What are the Prospects for Human Resources Managers Career?

There aren't many positions for Human Resources Managers that are made available through public applications. This provides a starter for the necessary competition. It's therefore important to contact a network, where more and better jobs are usually made available.

A Human Resources Manager can progress to the position of Head of Human Resources or Senior Personnel Officer. Both options offer higher pay and higher responsibilities. Furthermore, a personnel officer may also serve as a consultant to work, so independent entrepreneur to be.

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