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Read here a brief summary about hr-officers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The profession of HR Officer can be seen as a profession with an administrative nature. These administrative tasks include the processing of employment and retirement and other changes in the personnel information system. The preparation of standard correspondence, such as written confirmations of changes, preparation of interview reports and employment contracts, is the core of the position. These administrative tasks are there supporting the HR Management.

In addition to these administrative tasks, the HR Officer, together with HR Management, is responsible for the recruitment and selection of new employees. The preparation of vacancy texts, maintaining contact with employment agencies, pre-selection of candidates, organizing job interviews and administrative registration of all actions in the personnel information system are part of the activities. The HR Officer therefore supports HR Management throughout the recruitment and selection process.

In addition to these primary tasks, the HR Officer has a general support function for the personnel department. This includes administrative tasks, sick leave supervision and other personnel matters. Supporting employees in the field of incapacity for work and maintaining contact with the health and safety service provider and company doctor are also part of the duties of the HR Officer.

What are the Prospects for HR Officers Career?

After fulfilling an administrative position in the HR field, a job as an HR Officer is a good growth opportunity. The career opportunities of HR Officer are average.

After having worked as an HR Officer for a number of years and having gained experience in the HRM sector and with the personnel policy, it's possible for an HR Officer to grow to other positions within the HRM sector, up to the level of the HR Manager. He can then take up a job with fewer administrative aspects and more responsibilities.

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