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Read here a brief summary about hr-assistants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As an HR Assistant you will be deployed in various areas of Human Resources in the company where you work. The tasks you perform as an HR Assistant are mainly administrative and operational in nature.

As the job title suggests, you assist others in their work. For example in the field of policy development, absenteeism policy, recruitment and selection or communication with the labor market.

Administrative activities include drawing up employment contracts, taking minutes of meetings and more general reporting.

You can also perform other tasks within the position of HR Assistant. For example, it happens that you facilitate the further development of employees by organizing training courses or that you keep an eye on safety, welfare and illness and that the employee files are up-to-date. You often also form the link with the staff and you act as HR contact person for the employees of the company.

What are the Prospects for HR Assistants Career?

There're more than enough vacancies for those who want to work as an HR assistant. After all, every company has to deal with HRM and therefore employs an HR manager and often also an HR Assistant.

HR Assistant is often a starting position after which further growth is possible. Depending on your training and your own interests, you can move on to the position of HR advisor. In the first instance, you will still take care of quite a bit of administration. Only when you become a senior HR advisor will you also have more responsibilities.

Ultimately, you can also become an HR manager or director and you therefore also manage more people in the HRM department.

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