Career Overview For HR Advisor


Read here a brief summary about hr-advisors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The HR Advisor deals with the personnel policy (Human Resource Management) and the organizational policy of an organization. This includes various tasks. The HR Advisor has an advisory function to management and a manager with regard to personnel and organizational policy. This includes providing advice with regard to employee developments, recruitment and selection, performance interviews and assessments and salaries.

The HR Advisor is also involved in conflict regulation and conflict mediation. Speciallythe conflicts between managers and employees have his attention.

In addition to these activities, the HR Advisor also has a number of administrative tasks in the personnel department. This includes administering and reporting on personnel information.

Ultimately, the HR Advisor can be seen as a coach, mediator, intermediary, information point and controller.

What are the Prospects for HR Advisors Career?

Eighty percent of graduate students of Personnel and Labor find a job within a year. After working for a number of years, a job as an HR advisor is feasible for these graduates.

There're also career opportunities specifically for the HR Advisor profession. An HR Advisor usually starts with many administrative tasks and fewer responsibilities. This position is called a Junior HR Advisor. After working for a period and gaining experience with the work, the Junior HR Advisor can grow into a Senior HR Advisor. This means that the HR Advisor will then fully practice the profession and will be given more responsibility. The salary then often rises and the administrative tasks often disappear.

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