Career Overview For Housing Consultant


Read here a brief summary about housing-consultants career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a housing consultant you're often part of a team of employees at a housing corporation. Your duties mainly consist of informing and advising tenants and maintaining contact with them, the residents' committees and social institutions.

You initially fulfill your advisory role when people are looking for a home. This may, for example, concern options for applying for housing benefit. After that it's more about improving the living environment and maintenance of the homes.

As a housing consultant you're responsible for allocating housing and mediating in problems and conflicts. In such cases you may have to find replacement accommodation or call in social workers. Ultimately, you work together with the residents to keep things liveable in and around the homes.

This position also involves a lot of administrative work, for example in the event of problems, but also simple administration such as drawing up and entering rental contracts and the like.

What are the Prospects for Housing Consultants Career?

Once you work as a Housing Consultant you can grow within the organization to medior and then senior customer manager.

Depending on your own preferences, you can move on to the position of income consultant, integral customer manager or manager of a specific category of customers.

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