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The Housekeeping Department Manager is in charge of the housekeeping service of a hotel or conference center. A Department Manager is responsible for the commercial, financial, and operational policies of his department, as well as human resources.

The Housekeeping Department Manager is in charge of the housekeeping employees and is ultimately responsible for preparing the rooms for guests to stay. This also includes linen management, cleaning of public areas and checking the technical facilities in the rooms.

The Housekeeping Department Manager organizes, plans and controls the activities in the department. For example, the Department Manager motivates and directs the staff and gives directions where necessary. He also makes the work schedule for the employees. If there're problems or questions from guests that the housekeeping staff can't handle, the Housekeeping Department Manager will resolve this.

Personnel policy also falls under the duties of the Department Manager. For example, the Housekeeping Department Manager is involved in selecting and hiring new employees and is responsible for training them.

In addition, the work of the Housekeeping Department Manager has a financial component. He monitors the budget and provides figures and information for budgets, investments and improvements from the department to management. The Department Manager thus monitors the efficiency of the department. The Department Manager is also involved in purchasing resources and services from external service providers and suppliers.

What are the Prospects for Housekeeping Department Managers Career?

There're many career opportunities within the hotel world. For example, after a lot of experience within the hotel, a Housekeeping Department Manager can eventually grow into a general hotel manager.

This person is in charge of all activities within a hotel and directs the other managers within the hotel. If one works at a smaller hotel, it's possible to switch to a large international hotel company, where the manager's tasks are broader.

It's also possible to occupy a higher management position within the board. It's also possible to eventually set up a hotel with the help of the experience gained as a hotel manager.

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