Career Overview For Housekeeper


Read here a brief summary about housekeepers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a Housekeeper you're in charge of or supervise the housekeeping service of, for example, an institution, a residential building or a flat, but also a large institution or organization.

In most cases you're responsible for one or more residential complexes. As a Housekeeper, you're the point of contact for residents for questions about safety or quality of life in the neighborhood, but also for cleaning, minor repairs and maintenance of the common areas.

As a Housekeeper, it's therefore important that you provide residents with general information about the residential complex and you can address the residents about their living behavior.

You give further advice on how to keep the neighborhood safe and liveable and refer people to a relevant help and service institution if you can't help them with questions. It's possible that you hire services (eg a cleaning company), where you as a Housekeeper supervise the company and the activities..

What are the Prospects for Housekeepers Career?

Little is known about the job market perspective of a Housekeeper. There're hardly any career opportunities for a Housemaster. This is because you don't need any training to become a Housekeeper and must be trained for almost any other position.

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