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Read here a brief summary about hotel-managers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Hotel Manager is in charge of all activities within a hotel. This concerns the hotel part of the hotel business and not any restaurant. The duties include service provision, personnel management and hotel administration. The Hotel Manager has a managerial position in which he supervises and coordinates the staff.

Firstly, the Hotel Manager is responsible for all services within the hotel, such as reception, concierge services, cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment, reservations and sales. He's ultimately responsible in many areas. This includes preparing the rooms for stay or checking in and out of the guests. When guests have questions or complaints about the hotel policy, they can contact the Hotel Manager.

Another important task of the Hotel Manager is to coordinate the staff. He supervises the functioning of the employees to ensure that all activities within the hotel run as smoothly as possible. Guaranteeing the quality of the services within the hotel is also a task of the Hotel Manager. TheManager involved in hiring and selecting new employees and supervising them.

In addition to guiding the hotel staff, the Hotel Manager is also involved in financial administration. For example, he develops marketing strategies, manages the accounting and budgets and pursues target profit figures. The purchasing of services or products is often done in consultation with the management. However, it's the Hotel Manager's job to negotiate with suppliers or large customers about an advantageous purchase price of products or cost of the service.

What are the Prospects for Hotel Managers Career?

The managerial experience that can be gained within the profession of Hotel Manager can be useful in many other professions. Within the hotel there's often enough space to grow. For example, as a Hotel Manager it's possible to take up a higher management position or executive position.

It's also possible to eventually start a hotel yourself with the help of the experience gained as a Hotel Manager.

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