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Read here a brief summary about hospital-nurses career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Nurse in the Hospital comes into contact with people with all kinds of conditions, depending on the department in which he works. These may be patients who come to the hospital for examination or treatment and with mild or serious conditions or illnesses. It's important that a Nurse can empathize with the patient's situation and that care is tailored to the needs of the client.

A Nurse helps with dressing, washing or eating if the patient is unable to do so. Mental care is also important, the Nurse must be able to reassure patients and provide them with information about the treatment, the examination or the hospital stay.

Other tasks of a Nurse in the Hospital include applying an IV, inserting a probe or catheter, monitoring the patient's medication use, taking care of wounds and keeping an eye on the health situation of the patients. The latter means keeping an eye on the bodily functions (a task that must be performed in intensive care, for example).

It's important that a Hospital Nurse is stress resistant and decisive. In stressful situations, the Nurse must respond adequately and warn the right people. A Nurse must also build a relationship of trust with the patients in order to create a safe atmosphere for them.

In addition to the caring tasks, a Nurse must also keep track of administrative matters and maintain contact with doctors and specialists. The Nurse is also a point of contact for family members

After his or her training, a Nurse can work in different sectors. About 56 percent of nursing graduates go to work in a hospital.

A Nurse can have irregular working hours and has both evening and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for Hospital Nurses Career?

The demand for Nurses in the Hospital is expected to grow. More and more tasks of specialists and ares are taken over by nurses, so the demand for them remains.

You could start teaching or you could follow further training so that you can take up a management position. In addition, you could become a head nurse in a particular department of the hospital.

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