Career Overview For Head of Planning


Read here a brief summary about head-of-planning career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As Head of Planning you're responsible for managing the production and personnel process within a company. Production planners and staff planning employees are supervised.

The Head of Planning is in close contact with the marketing department of a company so that they're able to respond in time to upcoming actions and provide feedback on their feasibility. You're the spider in the web for Sales, Production and Purchasing within a company. This makes the position of Head Planner an advisory position, but a decisive one because in this capacity one can provide and manage people who can contribute to the growth and development of the company at a tactical and strategic level.

It's very useful for a Head of Planning and often also required to understand the specific expertise and content. Many subject-oriented courses for Head of Planning are a combination of a theoretical background and practical knowledge and skills.

What are the Prospects for Head of Planning Career?

As a Head Planner you have good employment prospects. Through internal study opportunities there's an opportunity to grow towards Senior Consultancy.

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