Career Overview For Head of Human Resources


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The tasks of the personnel affairs department are to advise, guide and inform, but also to support managers and employees in the field of employment conditions and personnel policy.

As Head of Human Resources, you work in the Human Resources department and you support and advise board and management in the development and implementation of the organization's P&O strategy. For this you have to be able to recognize problems and needs and come up with solutions for them. Furthermore, as Head of Human Resources it's important that you keep an eye on new developments in the field of personnel and labor and implement these in the policy of the organization you work for.

As Head of Human Resources, you're often also a member of the management team and you therefore help to develop the organization. You'll also come up with proposals that can lead to improving the P&O strategy. As Head of Human Resources you're in charge of a team of employees who are all involved in different aspects of the human resources department. You manage, advise and guide them in the performance of their daily activities.

What are the Prospects for Heads of Human Resourcess Career?

Little can be said about the labor market perspective of a Head of Human Resources.

More and more attention is being paid in companies to the quality of personnel management, so there's a continuing demand for people who work in human resources. The career opportunities of the Head of Human Resources are generally good because they have often followed training as Personnel & Labor or Human Resources. With these courses there's a wide range of potential employers. As Head of Human Resources you could possibly move on to a position as HR manager.

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