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A Head of Business Office is the link between the preparation and implementation phase within a company. He manages the employees of the Business Office department. This is the department within the organization in which all non-directly executive tasks, such as administration, automation, secretarial services and research, are bundled. What exactly this department consists of depends on the company where the Head of Business Office Office is employed. The Head of Business Office Office also directs the employees of an executive department, such as the Production department. A Head of Business Office is actively involved in the whole process from in this case the calculations to production.

Depending on the sector in which a Head of Business Office Office works, he sets cost price budgets, ensures that requests for quotation and orders are properly processed, he plans when certain supplies will be delivered, he manages stock and directs purchasing and production. He always supervises all employees. The Head of Business Office reports all activities to the manager and informs the board and management team of the state of affairs and developments within the department.

What are the Prospects for Head of Business Office Career?

Usually, a Head of Business Office finds a job fairly quickly. More and more companies recognize the value of a good organization within the company and are hiring a Head of Business Office Office.

A Head of Business Office already has a senior position, but could become a business manager of the company.

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