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Read here a brief summary about heads-of-administration career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Head of Administration is responsible for a reliable, complete and timely recording of the business administration. He ensures that all administrative processes run smoothly. Good administration is necessary to provide insight into the financial situation of the company and to ensure salariesand pay invoices on time.

A Head of Administration heads the administration department of a company or institution and advises on the administrative policy to be pursued. Examples of activities are: instructing and guiding the executive staff (the administrative employees), answering their questions, supervising the quality of the administration, dividing tasks and coordinating activities, consulting with employees from other departments, informing the management and advise them on the policy to be pursued. The management can anticipate new developments through good administration, respond to them and take the right decisions at the right time.

Sometimes the administration department is divided into parts, for example financial administration or salary administration. There can be a Head of Administration for each part. His activities are then more specified.

In small companies, a Head of Administration works alone. His activities can range from accounting (debtor and creditor administration) and liquidity management (checking and maintaining payments, receipts, credits and savings) to correspondence (sending invoices, reminders and reminders) and reporting (reporting to management and tax authorities). The Head of Administration often uses accounting software, which means that part of his work is automated.

In a large company, the Head of Administration often employs and directs employees. A Head of Administration has in-depth knowledge of financial, administrative and organizational matters and is familiar with insurance, tax and legal affairs. The Head of Administration is responsible for the entire administration department.

What are the Prospects for Heads of Administration Career?

The labor market prospects for someone with a financial-economic education are good. Head of Administration is already a high position, but a Head of Administration can still grow to, for example, Financial Manager. Continuing growth means: more responsibilities, more managerial tasks and more employees under you.

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