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Read here a brief summary about guides career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Guide's task is generally to show groups of people around. You can work as a Guide for various organizations and provide a wide range of guided tours. Think of city tours, tours of tourist attractions (castles, museums) and tours of animal or nature parks or caves. The different tours attract a varied audience. Guides can show tourists from home and abroad, but also businessmen on a company outing or young people on an excursion. Your knowledge and background determine where and with whom you'll work.

The intention is that as a Guide you transfer your knowledge of the building or environment to the groups you supervise. You may have gained this knowledge in another position or at school, but it may also concern information that you receive from the organization where you work. Sometimes you work with a combination; a fixed tour with room for your own interpretation.

A tour stands or falls with the Guide. This not only knows the way, but also makes the route interesting and entertaining. A good Guide also knows how to answer questions from participants.

What are the Prospects for Guides Career?

Growing is difficult because as a Guide you have specific knowledge that's necessary for the tours you're giving at that time. You could expand the number of tours or give more different tours, but when you switch completely to another employer, you start again as a beginner.

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