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Read here a brief summary about guards career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Guard ensures that nothing wrong happens to a specific building, object or person. There're several types of Guards and therefore different options for working within the surveillance. In general, the safety of a certain place is guaranteed for a certain period.

A Night Guard will have to watch over a room or building and always make sure that no one tries to enter and / or steal something. During the day, a Guard is more likely to take care of an object or person, although this may still involve monitoring an entire space, such as at the airport or in an event hall.

Guarding objects is easier to structure than guarding people, because objects do not move by themselves. Especially if you're supervising a room where many people are present, and there's therefore a high chance that something will go wrong, it's important to have an overview of the entire environment and to neutralize possible dangers well in advance.

The Guard often walks a fixed round, keeping a close eye on the environment for unusual things. The Guard does not only focus on signs of burglary, but also on symptoms of fire, vandalism or accidents. Working as a security guard can be very varied and offers a different challenge every day. One has to be firmly in the shoes for this.

What are the Prospects for Guards Career?

There isn't much work to be found for Guardians, but always some. It can be difficult to get a job. It helps to have followed a training.

From a position such as Guard, one can move on to positions where increasingly valuable things have to be monitored, or to a managerial position in the same work.

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