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Read here a brief summary about general-practitioners career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A General Practitioner (GP or Doctor) is responsible for examining and treating patients of all different ages. Patients with (starting) complaints come to a GP, usually before they consult another specialist. A GP can be consulted for both physical and psychological complaints. During an appointment or consultation hour, he makes an inventory of a patient's complaints and examines them. Then he must assess the seriousness of the situation and / or make a diagnosis as he sees fit. After this, a treatment will be selected in consultation with the patient. These can be minor procedures (such as an injection, taking a smear or stitching a wound) or larger procedures that require a patient to be referred to a specialist.

A GP holds consultation hours during which patients are treated and makes home visits to patients who can't come to the practice. The GP's work has a large social component. He must be able to listen carefully to patients, be able to relate to them and form a picture of their living conditions. Based on this, he can give advice about the patient's lifestyle, but he must also be able to reassure them and be able to clearly explain to him what is going on.

In addition to this work, a General Practitioner performs administrative work, which includes: creating and maintaining patient files (recording treatments, treatment plans and prescription medicines), processing the mail (results of blood tests and X-rays received) and passing on medical information of referrals. patients to involved specialists.

Furthermore, a GP maintains contacts with colleagues, such as consultation with pharmacists about medicines, consultation with therapists about a treatment plan and consultation with the hospital about a possible admission.

A GP also works night, evening and weekend shifts.

What are the Prospects for General Practitioners Career?

There's a shortage of GPs in various regions and there're a growing number of vacancies.

A study shows that alot of GPs work in independent practices. This includes solo practices, duo practices and group practices. The other GPs are employed.

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