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A General Ledger Employee ensures that all accounts in the ledger are properly processed. This ledger consists of an overview of all changes in a certain period of all ledger accounts. These are balance sheet or profit and loss accounts. For example, building, inventory and bank accounts belong to the balance sheet accounts; accounts relating to salaries, purchases and sales, for example, belong to the profit and loss accounts.

The income and expenses of each account are automatically processed in the general ledger. It involves things like sales, losses, revenues, equity, assets and liabilities. In this way you gain insight into the financial situation of the company. A General Ledger Employee checks balance sheet items and suspense accounts, supports the compilation of various accounts, carries out VAT returns and provides periodic reports.

The General Ledger Employee also directs other employees who are involved in the financial administration. Colleagues can turn to the General Ledger Employee with questions and problems.

What are the Prospects for General Ledger Employees Career?

Whether a General Ledger Employee finds a job quickly depends, among other things, on the economic situation. Usually, a Ledger Employee can eventually find a job. However, the worse the economy, the less likely there's to be a high position.

A General Ledger Employee usually starts as a Financial Administrative Employee. In this way he gains experience with accounting within a company. He can also start as an assistant to the General Ledger Employee. A General Ledger Employee can progress to the position of Head of Financial Administration, Assistant Controller or Controller.

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