Career Overview For Gamekeeper


Read here a brief summary about gamekeepers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a gamekeeper you often work for the police. You're in charge of a hunting ground that you guard and of which you monitor the wildlife. You're familiar with the fauna present and partly have the tasks that a forester also has.

You're in charge of protecting hunting interests and supervising compliance with hunting regulations. So as a Gamekeeper you look to see whether the laws surrounding hunting are followed.

Law enforcement is a police task, which is why game wardens are often also Extraordinary Investigators. They therefore have investigative powers and in some cases carry a weapon.

The further duties of the Gamekeeper depend on the employer and the area. Examples are fisheries control, assistance in collisions with game, environmental problems, public guidance, damage control and, for example, assisting the police as a specialist.

What are the Prospects for Gamekeepers Career?

Few positions are available for the position of Gamekeeper. Gamekeepers are needed for the various nature reserves, but usually there're one or two per area.

Once you start working as a Gamekeeper you can grow by increasing the number of tasks you perform. This will usually mean that you'll also work within another nature reserve. You'll then be given more responsibilities.

Finally, you could hold a managerial position within the organization that manages the areas.

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