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Read here a brief summary about foresters career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The general tasks of a Forester are primarily to supervise and enforce the rules within a specific (nature) area. This means that as a forest ranger you make your rounds through the nature reserve and can arrest people and hold them accountable for undesirable behavior. It may happen that the Forester issues a fine.

In addition, information is one of the duties of a forest ranger. By giving guided tours or through exhibitions, brochures and lectures you teach people more about nature.

The inventory of flora and fauna in a specific area is also one of the activities of the Boswachter. Insight into what lives and grows in an area is important for management, among other things to determine what should receive more or less attention. The Forester keeps track of not only which animals and plants of the different species occur, but also how many. He also pays attention to the development of the area, such as the effect of changes in the area on flora and fauna.

Finally, a forester must also pay attention to whether trees are ripe for felling. He indicates this on the tree so that the forest worker knows which trees can and can't be removed. Smaller pruning work is carried out by the Forester himself. You do this to manage the area and keep it accessible.

What are the Prospects for Foresters Career?

Once you have managed to get started as a forest ranger, there're various options for growth within your sector. One option is to increase the area you're responsible for or to add more tasks to your job responsibilities. An example is to do education and communication in addition to the management activities.

Leading within a management organization is also a possible step later on.

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