Career Overview For Forest Technician


Read here a brief summary about forest-technicians career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Forest Technician has technical and supervisory duties in forest management, forest conservation, forestry research, deforestation and environmental protection.

Examples of the tasks of a Forest Technician are supporting forest management with computerized information systems, doing field measurements and counts, technical work and supervision during construction of forestry projects and access roads and supervising logging.

However, more coordinating work also falls under the duties of the Forestry Technician, such as coordinating the fight against forest fires, diseases and insects, as well as protests by private individuals when forests need to be felled.

As a Forestry Technician, you're mainly involved in tasks directly related to your knowledge of forestry, but there's also a more human side to it. Not only in the event of protests, but also if there's a need to cooperate with third parties, you're the one who monitors whether the rules, for example in the field of the environment, are being observed.

What are the Prospects for Forest Technicians Career?

Vacancies for the position of Forest Technician aren't easy to find and once you start working as a Forest Technician, the career opportunities aren't very diverse. After all, you already start in a position with many coordinating and supervisory tasks.

You can move on to management and possibly also work on more interesting forestry projects within your own position. This can be in the sense of an area of ​​great (er) size, but also the sensitivity towards public opinion.

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