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Read here a brief summary about foremen career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A foreman is the leader of a group of workers working in a workshop or factory. It's the foreman's job to oversee the work of the workers and ensure that quotas are met. In many cases, the foreman is also involved in the work, either with an additional coordinating role. Normally, a foreman will have between 10 and 20 employees under him.

In addition to supervising the personnel, a foreman may also be responsible for other tasks such as planning, reporting to the production manager, material supply and compliance with quality and safety regulations.

In business, there's the manager who is responsible for the office workers. A foreman is basically a kind of manager on the factory floor. As a foreman, it's also important to be able to keep a good overview and to be able to provide good leadership. A foreman is constantly working to optimize the production process without losing sight of the safety of his team.

Shift supervisors generally occur at large factories or workshops where many workers work simultaneously. Such as car factories, machine factories, construction sites and in the food industry.

What are the Prospects for Foremen Career?

Becoming a foreman isn't easy. Firstly, sufficient experience must be gained and it must be demonstrated that you have leadership skills. A foreman also has an exemplary function. In general, there're therefore few positions to be found that directly ask for a foreman.

A worker in the workplace who is constantly improving himself and is well in a group is often offered the position. The functions are therefore regularly filled internally. Once working as a foreman, there're opportunities for growth towards the production manager.

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