Career Overview For Flower Grower


Read here a brief summary about flower-growers career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


As a flower grower you're in charge of the activities related to the preparation of flower cultivation, the cultivation itself and the harvesting of the products. You work with cultivation plans and work schedules and manage the employees on the farm.

Keeping an eye on the quality and the activities are also among the tasks of the flower grower. You assess the soil, keep an eye on the growth of the flowers and you're the one who takes the initiative in improvements, crop protection and harvesting. The Flower Grower is also responsible for administration, personnel management and compliance with rules. If problems arise, he's the point of contact for the employees.

If the flower grower isn't his own boss, he reports on the progress of cultivation and activities and advises the person for whom he works.

What are the Prospects for Flower Growers Career?

Although there was a visible decline in the income of arable farmers in the mid-1990s, it turned out that it was precisely the 'Flower growers' that went better at the time. So the market doesn't seem to change very much during troubled years. In addition, flowers grown in some countries are often exported abroad. This creates extra work and in addition to the vacant positions at existing companies, new companies are also being started up.

As a flower grower you may be able to start working for another company and later you can start your own business. You can also grow by taking on more tasks or, for example, by expanding with other flowers or plants or by increasing exports.

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