Career Overview For Field Export Employee


Read here a brief summary about field-export-employees career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Field Export Employee works for an internationally operating trade or production company. Here he mainly carries out commercial activities related to sales. The Field Sales Employee has the specific task of investigating export options for the company. He makes marketing plans for this, for example. The Field Service Export Employee often visits customers and can therefore regularly be found abroad.

Acquisition is an important task of a Field Service Export Employee. He must acquire assignments and orders in export areas. When an Export Employee is visiting a potential customer, he often gives a presentation promoting the export product of the company where he works. The Field Sales Representative negotiates with customers and provides advice and information. An important task is to maintain contact with buyers and export organizations.

Other duties include setting up export plans, maintaining customer records, maintaining country documentation and analyzing cultural, social and religious customs in the export countries. Because a Field Service Export employee spends a lot of time abroad, it's important to be well aware of both the language and the culture of the export country, so that he can adapt the approach and advice to the customer accordingly.

What are the Prospects for Field Export Employees Career?

The labor market for someone who has just graduated as a field export employee is good. Finding a job at the level at which you studied should therefore not be too difficult.

Once you have a job as an export employee, you can progress on the labor market to become an export manager or assistant export manager.

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