Career Overview For Family Counselor


Read here a brief summary about family-counselors career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


A Family Counselor is someone who helps families with various problems. Consider, for example, parenting problems, financial problems, relationship problems and household problems.

For example, parents turn to a family counselor if they have questions about the upbringing of their autistic or mentally disabled child or if they do not know how to respond to each other during arguments. A family counselor can then help. First, he or she will observe the family in everyday situations. In this way he or she sees how parents and children (for example) deal with each other, which problems arise and what causes them. A treatment plan is drawn up based on these observations. A goal is set and the family tries to achieve the goal by, for example, discussing video recordings of family situations and / or practicing difficult situations. Activating family members is always central. The Family Counselor gives advice,

Often a family counselor also has an office day, on which he or she prepares reports, answers e-mails and consults with colleagues. A Family Counselor may also occasionally give lectures or courses.

What are the Prospects for Family Counselors Career?

There're quite a few vacancies for a Family Counselor. However, there are more vacancies for Pedagogical Staff, who work with children or young people who have been placed in an institution. Apart from the work location, the functions generally do not differ very much from each other.

Once a Family counselor has gained some experience, he or she may be given more responsibilities. Extra courses can often be followed internally, so that the Family Counselor can, for example, grow into a managerial position.

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