Career Overview For Executive Secretary


Read here a brief summary about executive-secretaries career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The position of Executive Secretary is perhaps one of the best or highest positions within the secretarial / administrative profession. You have to come from a good family to be able to survive. An Executive Secretary has significantly more responsibilities than regular secretaries.

As an Executive Secretary, you're the first point of contact for the director or management. You manage the agenda of the board or director, and thus take care of his planning from day to day. You support the board or management both by telephone and during conversations or meetings where you may take minutes. You also help set up and organize appointments, meetings and events initiated by the management.

What are the Prospects for Executive Secretaries Career?

It's difficult to estimate the labor market prospects for this position. As executive secretaries are needed in almost every organization, employment is generally good. On the other hand, there're often no more than one or two positions for this position within an organization.

In terms of career opportunities, you're in a difficult position as an Executive Secretary. In principle, this position is already the highest attainable within the secretarial / administrative professional group. It's also important for the Executive Secretary to keep up with the field, so it's recommended that you continue to follow courses for secretaries. Often the employer will bear the costs for this.

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