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Read here a brief summary about employment-mediators career. This information will help you to get better knowldge about this profession.


The Employment Mediator is the link between jobseekers and employers. The work of a Employment Mediator differs greatly per position, so that it isn't possible to outline the exact tasks. In general, it can be said that an Employment Mediator is engaged in mapping (profiles of) job seekers on a daily basis, in order to be able to make the best possible combination of profile and job. This profile must always be maintained and updated.

The Employment Mediator is also in contact with the jobseeker, in order to be able to coach them towards a job in all possible ways.

On the other hand, the Employment Mediator must also contact companies and identify what kind of employees the companies are looking for. In this way, a good picture is created of the jobs offered and which registered jobseeker could best suit the needs of a company.

The wishes of both parties must be honored as far as possible. Acquisition is also part of the job of Employment Mediator. Bringing in new jobseekers and new job opportunities is necessary in order to create and maintain an extensive database of people and companies. After all, the larger the file, the greater the chance of a good match between employer and jobseeker.

What are the Prospects for Employment Mediators Career?

People are increasingly looking for a new job, which means that many job brokers are also needed to help these people from one job to another. The labor market is therefore favorable. The Employment Mediator can progress to a managerial position.

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